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Welcome to the official website for Disability Pride Parade Los Angeles! We are excited to continue this journey in the largest County in the United States-- of growing a stronger community of people with disabilities and allies to take pride in or further express their pride in their disability, all while continuing to raise awareness and educate on all aspects of disability.

"Today marks the beginning of our efforts to develop a whole community of people with disabilities and allies who are proud to be who we are, who do not see ourselves as victims, who expect more from ourselves and those within our community, and who are committed to building an inclusive community that recognizes the dignity, humanity, and worth of all people. We must put our efforts into transforming the hearts, minds, and souls of our people, for that is where our true power lies. As the great leader of our movement, Ed Roberts, once said, "My ability to regain the pride in myself as a person with a disability is one of the most important things that's coming out of what's happening here today."


Whether or not Ed Roberts and his comrades successfully won regulations for Section 504, they left that important fight in our history with a new sense of pride in who they were - and that is their legacy and our heritage…. a heritage which I cherish and celebrate fully. I am Disabled and Proud!" 

In 2016, SCRS-IL, in partnership with Supervisor Hilda Solis of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, worked on a proclamation to declare the Month of October as Disability Pride Month. The Board of Supervisors subsequently and unanimously voted in favor of the motion presented by Supervisor Solis; therefore, October is now officially Disability Pride Month in L.A. County!

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