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The Los Angeles Disability Pride Parade, Festival and Fair is sponsored by and brought to you by Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living (SCRS-IL), a premiere-leading independent living center in Los Angeles County.


With the support of the statewide disability community, this parade will look to increase inclusion and acceptance of individuals with disabilities in their community, their intersecting communities and the broader society.


Our event organizers believe this parade will be the vehicle to break stereotypes and the harmful public perceptions of people with disabilities. The parade is a way to promote the belief that disability is a natural and beautiful part of human diversity in which people living with disabilities can take pride.

In order to make this parade a success, we are relying solely on the generosity of others to fund this event. Below are available sponsor packages. To learn more and to become a sponsor for this, or future events, please click on the appropriate links above under the sponsorship section.

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